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In our family coaching relationships, Charis Denison works directly with adolescents and their families. Typically, coaching sessions take place in our clients’ homes and can involve the entire family or the parents or youths alone.

We do not work as therapists in this role. Quite the contrary. We not only listen and ask questions but also have opinions we are willing to share. Our approach is unique in that we compare our client families’ experiences with what we see happening among other teens and families nationally. We offer guidance, encouragement, and practical suggestions to families who are talking about and moving through issues we often deal with in our work in classrooms and adolescent workshops. We know families are the real experts on what is happening to them. We simply add effective support and perspective that is so often needed during the transitional teenage years.

The following list includes several common focus areas we work on with families. We are also available to address other topics that may be specific to a particular family’s interests or needs.

  • Communication
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Creating Shared Values
  • Sex & Sexuality
  • Drugs & Alcohol