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Prajna Consulting makes a number of talks and workshops available to parents. Most often these programs are facilitated by Charis Denison at a school-sponsored parent event. In addition, she meets privately with groups of parents who may be facing similar challenges. Private meetings can take place in a private home or public space. Bookings can be tailored to specific issues that families or their children’s school communities are facing. Parents often book private meetings following one of Prajna’s “Slumber Party” workshops.

Talks with parents typically address some of the following topics and include time for questions and discussion:

  • What are the current issues our kids are facing?
  • Am I insane or am I doing a good job?
  • What’s “normal” for my kid’s age? (Examples include, “My fifteen year old son has said five words to me in three days.”)
  • What are the current trends in teen behavior regarding drugs and alcohol?
  • What drugs are the most dangerous for kids these days?
  • What is the most effective way to talk to teens about drug use?
  • What are kids’ concerns about sex and sexuality? Are they different for boys and girls?
  • What are evolving sexual attitudes and behaviors from 9th to 12th grade?
  • What are the biggest dangers around sexual behavior I should be aware of for my child?
  • How is adolescent sexuality expressed differently from when we were kids?
  • What are some ideas to help us impart our values to our kids?
  • How can we overcome our own and our child’s discomfort in discussing sexuality?
  • What do most teens want from their parents during this time?
  • How do I deal with the fact that I parent my teen differently than his/her friends’ parents (related to sleepovers, drugs and alcohol at parties, or curfew, for example)?
  • What can I do to stay sane and still feel like I am being a good parent regarding adolescent behavior?